13 Email Marketing Tips Your Readers Want to See You Follow…Now!

13 Email Marketing Tips Your Readers Want to See You Follow…Now!


Email is still a great way to market your business. It is versatile and has a long history. It can be used to build trust, receive important feedback, announce new features and keep customers returning, reduce churn, as well as to maintain customer loyalty.

statistics showing the benefits of email marketing

With billions of emails being sent every day, it’s important to make an effort to stand out, keep your readers interested, and achieve your marketing goals.

We have 13 tips for email marketing that will help you get the most out of your campaigns.

We will start with the basics and work our way up!

13 email marketing tips for better performing campaigns

Email marketing best practices are pretty evergreen, but the best ways to implement them evolve along with the rest of the world. The below list offers tried-and-true email marketing tips based on recent studies, 2021 digital marketing trends, and more advanced tools we have at our disposal.

1. Segment your subscriber database

Email can be used for any number of marketing campaigns: to welcome new customers, guide them through your funnel, announce feature releases, share special promotions, and more. These strategies can only be used if you segment your list.

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There are many ways of segmenting, but these are the most common.

  • DemographicsUse yourCRMTo pull an email list according to a particular location.
  • EngagementIt might be a good idea to send a second email, possibly slightly different to subscribers who didn’t open the first.
  • The customer journey at each stageCater your offers to new customers in relation to long-term customers.
  • Source:What form did they fill out on your site to provide their contact information?

You’ll need to set up rules and conditions in an automated email platform to make this happen.

2. Personalize your messages

According to research by Janrain and Blue Research, 96% of consumers report that they have received mistargeted information or promotions, such as:

  • Offers that don’t show that they know the customer.
  • Basic information is not correct.
  • Communication of inconsistent messages across platforms

And according to the same research, 68% of customers automatically delete emails that contain these types of mistakes and 54% unsubscribe.

Personalization, however, can provide the following benefits:

  • Personalized subject lines can lead to up to 50% more open rates
  • Personalized emails have a return on investment of 122%.
  • Birthday emails can generate 342% more revenue per email than regular promotions.
birthday marketing email example by nike

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Digital marketing gives you a wealth of information about potential customers that you can use to personalize your messages.

  • Use your website and social media analytics to get an idea of the topics, products, services, or messages generate the most engagement.
  • Use lead forms to collect email addresses with a few additional fields so they can provide the information you need to personalize.
  • An email lookup tool can be used to find basic information about your customers, such as their name, company and server location.

3. Mobile optimization

Poor mobile experiences make 52% less likely that users will work for a company, and 53% of respondents said they would abandon a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. Mobile optimization is essential, as 70% of email opens are from mobile devices. Your CTAs should all link back to your website.

Here’s how mobile-optimized looks:

  • You can easily read all relevant text from one screen.
  • The landing page and email load quickly.
  • You can tap the buttons to see them.
  • It is easy to read font type, size and color.

On a related note, learn about Google’s 2021 mobile-first algorithm update here!

4. Re-engage inactive subscribers

It’s important to have a steady flow of new customers. But don’t forget your current customers! Oftentimes, you can reengage a dormant customer or reader with an enticing offer and the right email copy. You can look back at your data and see which type of content they have engaged with in the past, then send them a better version. You can also offer a discount.

pottery barn reengagement email example

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5. To find the perfect email, use A/B testing

To learn more about your subscribers, use A/B testing. You can test subject lines, body copy and layout. You can only make one change in an A/B test so that you can draw clear conclusions.

For example, if you’re promoting a free guide about driving traffic to your site, here are some subject line variations:

  • Ten Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website
  • Are you missing out on website traffic? Here are 10 easy tips.
  • 10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website [Free Guide]

This will allow you to see which words, such as “download” and “guide”, resonate with your readers. It also allows you to determine if they are more interested in a goal-based or prevention-based tone.

email marketing ab test example

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6. To prevent missing opportunities, set up trigger emails

A triggered email is one which is automatically sent to customers after they take a specific action. Triggered emails have a 70.5% higher open rate because you’re reaching your readers while they’re engaged. You might send the following:

  • A reminder email shortly after they abandon their cart.
  • After they have completed an order, you can send feedback.
  • review request shortly after they purchase.
  • After they get onboard, they receive a welcome email.
welcome email example by moosend

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7. Customers are nurtured by nature

A new subscriber to your mailing list could become a customer immediately for B2C companies and low-cost products. But for big-ticket purchases and B2B marketing, the decision involves more research and careful thinking. You send nurture emails to build trust and offer offers that gradually increase in number.

content marketing funnel used to send the right offers in your email marketing

Image source

Your series could look something like this.

One subscribes to your mailing list and receives a welcome email. In subsequent emails, they will be asked to:

  1. Get a Pocket Guide
  2. Download the ebook
  3. Attend a webinar
  4. Check out a case study
  5. Book a consultation

Your content is both high-quality, useful, and each request is a small increase in its precedence. They’ll likely book a consultation if you ask them! Nurturing is a must-have for any lead generation process.

8. Connect with emotion

Every customer’s pain points and desires are tied back to their emotions. Your customers don’t want to feel anxious about missing their taxes. They want to have confidence that they will get the best return.

Your audience doesn’t want to stress about their reporting if you are an analytics platform. They want to be confident when they present to their boss.

So get more engagement from your emails with emotional marketing copy.

wordstream email using emotional marketing copy

Email is a great avenue for marketing with emotion, especially since you can cater to very specific readers and experiment using A/B testing.

9. 9.

Customers expect more from companies today than they did in years past. They want to give their dollars to companies that they support, whose missions align with their core values, and who look at them as more than just a means of revenue generation. They want more transparency and vulnerability.

There are many ways to show your values:

  • Directly call them out. For example: “At Flockjay no one will fly alone. This is one our core values, and it includes you. You’ll be able to access human assistance 24/7 em> with our new service center
  • You can share milestones with your social responsibility initiatives like the number of trees that your product has saved or how much you donated to an organization.
  • Send a message that speaks to you with an inspirational quote.

10. 10. Tell a story

Stories are compelling and memorable, no matter how short they may be. These are some of the ways storytelling can be used to increase your email marketing results.

  • Tell a short story behind your newest product or service and how it came to be. The end result will interest readers and remind them why your offerings are so great.
  • Please share a short version of a success story and then link back to the complete story for more details.
  • Even better, you could start with describing the customer’s problem in a way that resonates with your customers (think P-A-S formula), end with impressive (quantifiable) results, then finish off with “How did we do it?” You could also include a “Find it here” CTA.
  • Tell your story to set the tone for the rest of the email. Sleeknote provides a great example of this email marketing tactic (although we’d recommend removing all of the line breaks for better readability).
example of storytelling email by sleeknote

Image source

For more tips like these, check out our post on how to write emails like a human being.

11. Choose the best email time

In general, the best time to send marketing emails is:

  • During the day
  • A weekday
  • Not Monday
  • Midweek

These are just general guidelines and may not be applicable to your customers. Plus, with the uptick of remote working due to the pandemic, peoples’ schedules have changed so it’s a good idea to reassess. To determine the best times to send marketing emails to your customers, run A/B testing and analyze your data.

12. Use dynamic content

Dynamic email content is another way to personalize your marketing. This strategy allows you to automatically adjust the content of your emails to match your readers’ criteria, such as gender, geographical location, or behaviour on your website.

Customers will see the same template, but different images, offers and calls to actions.

illustration showing how dynamic email content works


Dynamic content can also include a countdown in an email, or a live feed from your social media channels or blog.

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13. Use plain text emails

You know what I mean: Plain text! This is not a typo. There is an increasing appreciation for minimalistic content in the midst animated graphics, sophisticated designs and trendy aesthetics. Plain text emails are a good choice. They also look better on smartphones, smartwatches and voice-assisted devices.

b2b marketing strategies example of plain text email

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These email marketing tips will help you reach your goals

Email marketing can be used for many purposes. It can be used to promote new products or services, create memorable customer experiences, turn leads into clients, build your brand, connect with your audience on a deeper level, and even help you establish a connection with them. These tips will help you maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Segment your subscriber database.
  2. Personalize your messages
  3. Optimize for mobile
  4. Re-engage inactive subscribers.
  5. To find the perfect email, use A/B testing
  6. To prevent missing opportunities, set up trigger emails.
  7. Turn subscribers into customers
  8. Use emotion in your email copy.
  9. Demonstrate your values
  10. Tell a story.
  11. Choose the best time to send.
  12. You should try dynamic content.
  13. Try plain text email.

About the author

Emily Andrews is the marketing communications specialist at RecordsFinder, an online public records search company. She is a communications specialist by day, and a community volunteer at night. She believes in compassion and protecting the defenseless.