100 million Russians use social media Daily

Approximately 100 million people in Russia see at least one social networking daily. The most visited social networks in Russia are as follows, in order.
  1. VKontakte
  2. YouTube
  3. Odnoklassniki
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. Twitter

The audiences strongly disagree. Eighty percent of VKontakte — VK — users are under 34 years old. Odnoklassniki targets a middle-aged audience, between 34-45. Facebook and Twitter are mainly used by people with innovative technical, social, or business skills, like managers and executives. Instagram is more popular among females aged 13-34. YouTube users come from all those demographics.

The most active users reside in big cities. Nearly 70 percent of all social media visits come from mobile devices.

Understanding VK

VK is the most visited social media in Russia. SimilarWeb gives it a global traffic rank of 7. Alexa ranks it 15th. The network itself asserts 97 million monthly visitors. The majority of them speak Russian, but it is available to the world and supports over 80 languages, including English and Arabic, in addition to Asian languages. Roughly 2 million accounts on VK have”USA” in their place field.

What makes VK distinct from other networks is that you can upload, store, share, and locate any documents you want, even videos and music. All that media may be utilised in ads. VK tries to protect copyrights, but mostly when copyright holder complains.

VK is heavily utilised to promote services and products. This doesn’t irritate users. In actuality, Russians don’t find promotions annoying. Eighty percent of consumers follow their preferred brands to stay current with new products and special offers.

The most viewed advertisements are for fashion, health, events, gadgets and travel. Ads about trend have the highest conversion: roughly 40 percent. Next is health and health, at 32 percent.

Interestingly, Russians prefer trying to find products on VK from mobile devices, but often make a purchase from a desktopcomputer.

The author’s personal VK page.

Promotions on VK

Advertisers on VK must first create account, which requires an email address and a mobile phone number. The number is needed to send an activation code and, also, inform you about critical actions together with your account. Thus having a mobile number attached to a VK account makes it hard for hackers to take over the account.

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If you use Facebook, you can easily handle VK. There are many advertising options on the platform. The most used are community advertisements, search-engine advertisements, news feed advertisements, stories (that are a replica of Snapchat Stories), and Live movie. All advertisements have many targeting choices.

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Your first step to begin advertising in VK is to create a Community and build the audience with compelling content: text, images, video, sound, and downloadable documents. It is also possible to create menus and include products available, in a miniature storefront.

  • Community advertising. After developing a Community, you’ll receive access to marketing tools. VK has its own built-in positioning marketplace to get the ideal Community for your present posts or to provide your Neighborhood audience to other advertisers. 1 post in the style and beauty category that may reach 1 million impressions will probably cost approximately $70. In general, ad prices vary significantly, depending on the class and the audience quality.
  • On-page advertisements. These advertisements appear on the left side of VK pages, but only on desktop computers. Advertisers pay by opinions or by clicks. One thousand impressions will probably cost approximately $0.25 — 25 cents. One click will be near $1.
  • News feed advertisements. You can promote your posts in users’ News feeds. They’ll see the advertisement among other posts while scrolling down the feed. One thousand impressions will probably cost approximately $4.
  • Stories are a way to talk about your pictures and brief videos without publishing them on your webpage. Your friends and readers will be visiting the Story on the top of the news feed in another block for 24 hours after publishing. It is possible to add stickers and signs to your own content to enrich it.
  • Live. Live broadcasts seem like regular videos. They begin playing automatically when seen on the news feed. As soon as you begin a Live movie, readers and friends get educated and can join with a single click. Live is available only on mobile.

VK is not tough to use. And do not be scared of language gap. Bear in mind, over half of Russians can speak English.

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