What is an API?


API is Application Programming Interface and it’s a common term in technology. You may not be able to fully understand the phrase even if your job is in technology. That’s what I have met many times.

Many people liken the importance of API to the fact that “the world will stop spinning if it isn’t understood.” It seems like you want to know exactly what the API is. Let’s get started!

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What is an API?

API is so simple that it can be seen right under your nose

Take a look at the following example to better understand the API.

Imagine that you are attending a wedding in a restricted space. Application programming is the name of the space in which a wedding takes place. The space has five aisles with various functionality.

– This is the first aisle for guests who are arriving at the wedding area.

– The second is for the bride and groom to leave the wedding party.

– The third is for employees (including managers, MCs, and service staff entering or leaving the kitchen to arrange food etc).

– The two last aisles can be connected to other areas of the wedding.

Each aisle has its own interface and when used to interact to the wedding area ( app ) to conductthe ceremony.

Splitting API term

Now that you have understood the concept of API, let’s move on to the specific concept of an API technical.

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This is the ‘programmer language’ for you.

That’s fine. Let me explain each step. It would be easier to explain the concept step by step if you start with Interface.

What’s an Interface?

An Interface, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, is any point at which two systems, subjects or organizations meet and interact. This definition can be used to identify many interfaces.

Power Socket can be used as an Interface

To receive the required electric current, the electrical devices must interact with the power socket. The power socket is used as an interface in this instance.

Faucet can be used as an Interface

To receive water from the faucet, people need to interact with it. The faucet is used as an interface.

Your Door Is an Interface

To enter a house, humans interact with the door. The door acts as an interface in this situation.

An Interface is the smart phone Touch screen.

The phone screen can be used by people for entertainment, communication, and learning purposes. The phone screen functions as an interface in this scenario.

and a variety of Hardware interfaces for your Laptop

Hardware interfaces are sometimes called signaling. They include the protocols for their arrangement as well as the mechanical, electrical and logical signals.

Many components have hardware interfaces. An example of a laptop’s interface is:

  • Ethernet socket (center).
  • VGA port
  • a display port socket
  • A USB 2.0 socket

Interfaces are all around us and very near to our daily lives, as you probably know. After the examples, you should be able to picture the Interface. Let’s discuss Application Programming to better understand the API.

What is an application programme?

According to Techopedia an application program can be described as a complete, self-contained program that performs one function for the user. Application programs include, among others:

To better understand application programming, let’s return to the example of an electrical outlet.

The Interface in this case is Power Socket. What happens behind the scenes when the device is plugged into an outlet and turned on?

The power system works in a way that current flows so that the device can be plugged into the Power Socket and receive electricity is called Application programming.

An API can be summarized as an interfaceto communicate with an Applicationfor Coding.

An API of an Application refers to a set programming codes that allow other third-party systems to interact with the Application. It defines the types of requests that are possible, how they can be made and how data can exchange with this type of application.

Maybe we were too focused on theory. We will be looking at the Google Maps API in order to gain a better understanding of how the application that we use every day works.

Google Map API is an example

API is ubiquitous and widely used, but maybe nobody is aware of its features and existence. Google Maps is an example of an application that uses API to locate exact locations and search them.

API allows you to search for address and route.

Google Maps is a great tool to help you find the right location. You can search for Beehexa to find us.

Google Maps API: To render Google Maps


Click here to view Beehexa’s Google Maps data: Demo at Codepen.

On the page, we have a div#map. We cannot see anything without the GoogleMap API.

Geocoding API is used to show Beehexa’s location

Google Maps API will retrieve data from Google to locate Beehexa on Google Maps. This app will return the result (Beehexa Location) that you are looking for.

We can also use the Google Maps API to locate the coordinates for Beehexa’s global partners on a Google map.

APIs have many benefits

API is a brand new strategy for technology-savvy companies. What is the real reason for this? APIs are now of human interest. Let’s look at some of the important benefits it offers:


APIs can significantly cut down on time and effort. Businesses don’t have to start over when creating apps from other sources. APIs allow developers to refine their app’s unique capabilities quicker, which saves a lot of time.

Productivity increases

APIs are powerful, modern technologies that can be integrated into applications to increase productivity and save time. APIs are a powerful tool for speeding up development. Developers can use existing functionality to build new applications without having to start from scratch.

Better connection

APIs are designed to allow systems and applications to connect with one another. The API acts as a binder when software or apps are unable to communicate with each other in new environments. As connectivity improves, operations can be simplified, allowing businesses to deliver the functionality they need and not being congested.

Customer experience improved

Today’s digital age is where the user experience is paramount. Businesses have used APIs to develop new and more effective ways to communicate with customers. APIs will allow businesses to have a better customer experience and customers will be able to enjoy their products and services in a more personalized manner.

Marketing activities should be promoted

APIs make it possible to increase our market reach and accelerate our reach. APIs improve connectivity and collaboration. They can be used to reduce time to develop high-quality products or market new services.

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Final Words

Forbes says API is the new king. The survey shows that 96% developers plan to use APIs more often in 2021 than they did in 2020, according to Forbes . Additionally, 94%89%, and 86% indicated that they plan to increase or maintain API usage.

APIs are a powerful catalyst for business growth, providing many opportunities to scale up and encourage innovation. There are many benefits to APIs, and they can be a huge asset if we value them.

APIs offer significant benefits for both employees and businesses, regardless of whether they are focused on partner integration or internal operations. Every company should be concerned with API.

How can two apps communicate with each other and share data? This resulted in API Integration. This topic will be discussed in the next article.

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