Ways to help Clients going through a hard time

If your customer is not going through a challenging time, they certainly know someone who is.

And I am not saying this because I am a doom’n’gloom kinda woman — if anything, I am a bit of a Pollyanna.

Of the 774 daily — OK, near-daily — blog posts I have written for the last 3 decades, the most common single post following my home page, is overwhelmingly the one entitled, Cheer-up Presents For People Going Through a difficult time , receiving 4.59percent of all traffic. I composed this 29 October 2009, which was, ironically and coincidentally, the 80th anniversary of the Great Depression.

Nothing comes close to the interest in this post, with the next – and – third-place post gongs going to 20 Gift Ideas for People Travelling for Vacations or Business, and Gorgeous Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas To Enjoy Long After The Holidays, at 1.36% and 1.29% respectively.

Why does the initial post resonate, or draw as much attention?

Everybody, somewhere, is going through a challenging time and the sad thing is, there are a lot of ways in which people may suffer. It might be a divorce, a marriage in a nasty relationship break-up. Their tough times could be due to a job loss, unemployment, a failing company or from financial strain from heavy bills. Others could be upset by chronic illness or diagnosis of cancer. It might be a natural disaster that has ruined their home, car or possessions. Or a burglary. Perhaps it is a traumatic time for a person who’s been passed over for promotion. Maybe they are terrified of becoming first-time parents without a support, or a long-wished-for pregnancy has ended in miscarriage. Others might be struck by the loneliness of no family around them on important holidays while all people experience the death of a loved one at any time.

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If you are wondering what the purpose of the post is to you as an internet retailer, it is this: how can you help make your clients happier? To help them forget their problems for awhile, or to set a much-needed smile back in their faces? Or better still, to help solve one of the issues.

As online retailers we confront the challenge of appealing to our clients when they have so much going on at home, at work and with family and friends and obviously, so many countless other ecommerce merchants they could purchase from. It is crucial we think not one of them as order number 500879, but as individuals who crave some love, happiness, hope and escape from (or better still, a solution to) their problems.

I’d be amazed if there’s not at least one way you can cheer up a client, or to make them believe that you may be the solution to their private issues. It might be a same-day courier delivery to get them from an emergency. It might be a layaway strategy to create your products cheap, a”debt vacation”, or an alternative for several people to pay towards a product. Or a tollfree advice line. You may cheer them up with the sole handwritten birthday card that they receive. Maybe you’ve got a big enough facebook, Twitter or Linkedin fan base to do a particular shout-out for a client. Perhaps a YouTube video could help. Or it might be a well-timed telephone call or thoughtful message from the client support group, instead of an automatic no-reply email. Lovingly crafted and worded copy in your site may soothe away their fears.

Imagine the superb effect that making a customer feel better could do for them and to your company. As my grandfather used to say, nobody gets enough compliments or empathy.