UEFA EURO 2020: Six Campaign Strategies for Sports Brands To Increase Retention

UEFA EURO 2020: Six Campaign Strategies for Sports Brands To Increase Retention

UEFA EURO 2020, the 60th edition is an international men’s soccer tournament that is held every four years in Europe. Scheduled to be hosted last year, the event was postponed to 2021 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. This live sporting event is a great way for your website or mobile app to retain and engage users. Online viewership for the European tournament is expected to reach an all-time high, which will make it even more important for brands that are involved in Football and clubs with strong digital presences.

These are some campaign ideas you can use during the live tournament to keep users happy.

#1: Polls, votes, predictions, and discussions

A simple interface that allows users to quickly submit their responses is key to increasing app interaction.

The social discussion platform, Reddit, launched an interactive section on its r/soccer subreddit. This section allows football fans to vote for the most likely outcome and engage in discussions about the unfolding events. This is the UI for prediction posts.


A typical Prediction post with three easy-to-click options

Showing the results of the prediction after the match ends

Driving users to the Prediction section on the Reddit mobile app during UEFA EURO 2020

A typical Prediction post with three easy-to-click options

Showing the results of the prediction after the match ends

Driving users to the Prediction section on the Reddit mobile app during UEFA EURO 2020

A typical Prediction post with three easy-to-click options


Each prediction post has a different engagement score. The high number of votes and comments suggests that football fans are looking for more content. Your users will love it if you have a similar feature on your website or in your app. As we get closer to the finals, we believe that this campaign will be more widely adopted. This campaign should be launched as soon as possible!








Reddit’s Takeaways for Football Clubs and Sports Brands

  1. Make it easy for users to find predictions by creating a section. Reddit places this section in the top menu, and adds a red label “LIVE” to draw attention to their campaign.
  2. To show the number of active users, add a real-time counter. Your users will feel more involved if they have FOMO (fear or missing out).
  3. To increase participation and give users a sense accomplishment, keep a leaderboard regularly updated. You can also create a referral system that allows your users to invite their family and friends to compete.
  4. Create a simple and clean UI that prompts users to take action and accepts inputs. Reddit’s mobile application has many buttons that make it simple to vote with just one thumb.

Ideas for polls or votes

  • Get predictions
  • Predictions for the winners
  • Predictions for the Man-of-the Match
  • VAR predictions: Football lovers love debates and controversy. The VAR (Video Assistant Referee) is a controversial figure. You can launch the “Was VAR right?” campaign, as VAR will be making its European Championship debut at this tournament. Campaign where you can display clips of controversial VAR decisions, and add “YES/NO” buttons to spark discussion among fans.
  • Predictions for the Player of The Tournament
  • Predictions for the Golden Boot winners
  • Predictions for Team of the Tournament
  • Predictions for Young Player of The Tournament

#2: Highlights, replays, and player performance

MediaOcean, an advertising company, has found that 68% of European fans will view replays and highlights of UEFA EURO 2020 matches online at minimum once a week.

This is a great opportunity for clubs to increase engagement on their official websites and mobile apps. You can also provide exclusive coverage if a player is representing your club at the national level. After each match, you can create a profile of the player to fill in with data. The profile (or Player Spotlight) can display a heat map of the player’s movements throughout the match, points on the field where he or she had successful tackles or passes, total distance covered during the match, as well as clips of key passes or memorable moments.

You can create blog posts to show this information if it is not too late. You can update these articles after every match to make it easy for your users to find the most recent information.

#3: Loyalty Rewards

Bets are a must for any major sporting event. Get on board the trend by introducing a Wheel of Fortune or a virtual Lottery Machine to your website or mobile application. As prizes, you can offer official club merchandise.

Loot boxes can be created with a chance of containing autographed merchandise or official club merchandise. To claim your loot boxes, you can create an achievement ladder that your users must complete in order to unlock their loot boxes.

You can earn daily or monthly achievements by logging in multiple times, choosing your favourite players or teams, taking part in polls or campaigns, inviting a friend to sign up or watching a highlight match. Rewarding loyalty is key to customer retention.

Achievement Ladder with a free giveaway as the prize







#4: Interactive puzzles, mini-games and interactive puzzles

Tiered awards are the best way to encourage competition and participation. It is easy to create a tiered system of awards using hyper casual games like guessing and puzzles.

You could, for example, show a disorganized logo of a national team to encourage users to put it together. The user’s ability to reassemble the logo quickly can be used to unlock achievements. You can place each game’s winner into multiple tiers, and each level can offer different awards.

A fun way to make a game of it is to show the logos and flags of national teams and have your players match them. You can add trivia and information about the origins of the logo to make it more interesting for your players.

You can offer your users the ability to share their achievements with the rest the world when they reach a higher tier. Similar to how Spotify leverages single-click sharing options, you can convert your users to micro-influencers.

#5: Where is Wally?

If you’re not familiar with the Where’s Wally series, it is a well-known puzzle book that many children in Europe have enjoyed and continue to enjoy. There are many locations in these puzzle books where several characters do a variety amusing things. Wally is the character that you need to find.

The digital adoption of Where’s Wally is possible. Your website or mobile app can make a great addition. This campaign will be more popular because of the nostalgia and feeling to find something that you already know is there. You can upload a photo of the crowd at any UEFA EURO 2020 match and ask people to identify a particular fan.

‘Where’s Wally?’ game for the UEFA EURO 2020: Can you spot the fan in this image?

You can award the prize for finding the person with one of your sponsored merchandise. You can also give the prize as an extra point that will directly affect the tier ranking system, which we discussed earlier.







#6: “Which soccer fan are you?”

Quizzes and personality tests are a favorite among consumers. Did you see those Buzzfeed articles? Believe it or not, these Buzzfeed articles are still popular. A questionnaire can be created with eight to ten questions and a few choices for each. You can map the responses to a group of “fan personalities”, each with a unique avatar.

This quiz will ask you “which football fan do you?” You can host this quiz on your website, app, or both. Depending on user input, you may show the avatar towards the end. You can increase the participation of this campaign by giving users the option to share the results via social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be great channels for you to acquire more users and participate in this campaign.

Tinder’s infamous ‘Swipe” mechanism makes it easy to answer questions. You can swipe left or right to answer the question, which reduces friction.

Now you have some great ideas. Next, you will need to connect them all together in your retention strategy.

How do you keep your customers in sports during UEFA EURO 2020

We’ve launched a framework called Insight-led Engagement to help you retain more users. This growth flywheel will allow you to make data-driven, educated decisions. You can find the full explanation below.

Insight-led Engagement framework for Sports brands

Step 1: Analyze

Create advanced user segments.You can categorize customers based upon their behavior on your website and mobile app. You can create a segment that is accurate in most predictions and high up on the leaderboard. Or you could build a segment with fans who are participating in matches of particular countries. You can then add another dimension of filters such as the times and weeks these users are most active, their preferred channel to visit your platform, etc. This will enable you to send relevant messages by segmenting users.

Step 2: Personalise

You can send a personalized messageSegmentation can help you create micro-moments that are relevant to your platform. Do not send a blanket message to all users at once. Instead, personalise each message according to the preferences and behaviour of each segment. Personalization doesn’t need to end here. To increase engagement and to use the preferred digital channel, send messages at the right time and place for your users.







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Step 3: Engage

Create a flexible engagement plan.Your users spend the majority of their day in front of a screen, whether it’s mobile, desktop, or connected TV. Your first communication with sports fans should be done via email or text messages. You can also use push notifications or in-app interstitials if you have a mobile application. Engage them through banners and website messages. It’s important to remember that you must adhere to GDPR policies. You should also avoid spamming users.

Step 4: Keep it.

Run omnichannel retention campaigns.After you have started communication, it’s time to create a customer journey. This will combine all the digital channels into one seamless experience. You cannot, for example, send an email and then show an advertisement on Facebook that contains conflicting messages. Instead, you should use multiple channels to encourage your users to take the next step on your platform.