Start Selling Online With WooCommerce or GoDaddy For Just $1

There’s good news for offline businesses that have been negatively affected by closures or stay-at-home orders. You can sell online immediately if you are ready.

WooCommerce has partnered up with GoDaddy to help businesses move online for as low as $1.

GoDaddy’s WordPress Ecommerce Hosting Plan is only $1 for the first three months. This plan will help small businesses start selling online. It’s only $29.99 per month after your initial three-month period. This is a great deal for the amount of support and power that you get.

A bundle of 34 WooCommerce extensions worth over $1,000 will be sent to you. This will allow you to build your online store exactly the way you want.

To claim this offer, go to GoDaddy.

Which businesses are most likely to benefit?

Nearly every business can find a way for customers to access their products or services even if the shutdown continues.

You can open a brick-and-mortar store and sell material goods.

  • To allow customers to purchase your products online, set up a WooCommerce storefront.
  • You can offer items for pickup in your local area, delivery to your porch, or shipping to remote areas.
  • For those times when you are closed, offer gift certificates to your loyal customers.

A WooCommerce storefront is a great way to sell services

Be creative! Your community is in dire need of your skills, talents, and products. These can be purchased online to help your business survive, and expand into new markets will allow you to grow after the shutdown.

Learn more:

Everything you need to sell online immediately

It’s possible to sell your products right away. Once your website is online, you can do so much more. This plan includes:

  • WordPress and WooCommerce have been pre-installed. You can add products to WooCommerce and get started selling.
  • Optimized for WordPress Hosting,with speed-boosting CDN. PHP 7 on a clustered platform to make your store ready for spikes in traffic.
  • WooCommerce-powered online shop with more than 34 premium extensions. Book appointments Sell subscriptions Track shipments and more.
  • A included SSL certificate is an essential feature of any online shop. It provides security and boosts your SEO.
  • Website backups, automatic core software upgrades, malware removal and hack repair and 24/7 support from GoDaddy
  • A $550.00 creditto Google and Yelp.

Sound great? Do you sound interested?

Are you already a GoDaddy customer You too can get the benefits!

For the next three months, add free social media design and marketing tools to your package. Powerful GoDaddy options allow you to cross-post information on social media and reach clients via direct marketing. All this with professional graphics.

Never feel alone. Get support and ideas from the WooCommerce community

Remember that we are all in this together. Small businesses go through periods of uncertainty. Local businesses can be sustained if we share more information.

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This is why WordPress and WooCommerce offer world-class support for online shops. You’ll find the right answers to your questions with detailed documentation, step-by-step instructions, support forums, and an expert tickets system.


GoDaddy provides access to inspiration, resources and connections to other entrepreneurs. They offer some of their most valuable tools, including a free website that can help businesses stay open even when they close. Visit to learn more.

You can access the following information through #OpenWeStand:

  • Expert articles on key eCommerce strategies, such as ways to expand your business online, customer loyalty and effective communication.
  • These links will take you to the most important government policies and programs that support small businesses all over the globe.
  • A community board that allows you to ask questions and share your experiences with other businesses.
  • Profiles of small businesses, including how they have used innovative approaches to access new markets online.
  • You can download badges to show your support for local and small businesses during times of crisis.

All of it is free and easily accessible. Get the support and help you need from people who have been there.