Six Facebook Ads Updates to Get Excited About This Summer

Six Facebook Ads Updates to Get Excited About This Summer


Facebook’s unstoppable growth is something that never ceases to amaze users. This year was no exception. It’s wonderful that Facebook constantly changes to meet the demands of its users. However, it can be difficult to keep up to date with all the updates.

Today we will be discussing the six most recent Facebook ads changes, including:

  1. All Instagram Reels Ads Available
  2. Adverts feature “Optimize text per user”
  3. Get even more personal Shop ads
  4. Access to AR Try-On is now easier
  5. Shops are now accessible through Whatsapp
  6. Insta shops customer reviews

Let’s get started!

1. Instagram Reels ads available to all

In August 2020, Facebook introduced Instagram Reels to counter the popularity of short video clips. Reels are similar to TikTok clips in that they’re short-form videos that can be layered with audio, text, and even filters (think funny videos and epic fail clips). And just like TikTok, there are plenty of ways to use Reels for businesses.

In April 2021, Facebook started testing Reels to advertise in selected countries (including the USA, UK, Canada and France as of last month).

Then in June 2021 they officially released Reels ads to all advertisers across all countries! This is fantastic news for international accounts who had previously been unable to access this feature. Local accounts, however, can reap the benefits of this feature without any minimum account requirements.

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instagram reels ad example

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Instagram Reels are served differently by Facebook’s advertising algorithms, and therefore this is a nice opportunity for businesses small and large to increase visibility by reaching a top-of-funnel audience.

2. Optimize text per person feature for ads

This one, I will admit, I am a little more excited about. When setting up Facebook ads, you can now choose to optimize text per person. This option is similar to Google’s Responsive search ads. Facebook will dynamically change your caption, headline or description based on the user’s response.

This new feature is easy to set-up with the click of a button. It’s easy to set up for all accounts, so both small and large businesses will be able offer a better ad experience. Essentially, this takes A/B Facebook testing to a whole new level.

optimize text per person option in facebook ad setup

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3. Advertisement on Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops are immersive, branded experiences where shoppers can browse, share, and purchase products for a brand just as they would in-store.

Shops ads bring even more personalization to the shopping experience by sending users directly to curated collections within their Shop, depending on the that user’s historical shopping patterns. They direct shoppers to the most likely path to purchase.

This ad type remains in development.

personalized facebook shopping ads example

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4. AR Try-On now available for more brands

Augmented reality (AR) in Facebook ads is nothing new. It was announced late in 2018 and rolled out to select brands in 2019. These ads display products based upon users’ interests. Then, they have a “Try It On” option.

AR try-on example in facebook ads

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But according to Facebook, infrastructure issues have made it hard to scale the feature to roll it out to more advertisers.

Facebook released a new update that streamlined the process of importing 3D assets to Business Manager. The hope is to make it faster, easier, and more cost-effective for advertisers to bring AR to their catalogs. They are currently piloting the APIs together with top AR beauty tech solution providers, and plan to expand their reach to other verticals such as electronics and home decor.

Facebook also announced that it is working with Dynamic Ads to integrate AR and AR Try On, so products with AR Try on will automatically be shown to users based upon their behaviors and interests.









5. Marketplace and WhatsApp: Facebook Shops

When an ecommerce business sets up a Shop account, they automatically have access to show their products on Facebook’s shopping entities. This applies to Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, and Whatsapp.

Click to Whatsapp ads rolled out in January of 2018, but now, advertisers can showcase their entire Shop so users can look through the brand’s inventory while chatting directly with them about products. This is a fantastic opportunity for brands to build a deeper relationship with their customers.

facebook shop browse and chat in whatsapp

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You will need a WhatsApp business account to access this feature. Also, you’ll need the staff to manage the WhatsApp chat. Learn how to integrate Facebook Shops with the WhatsApp Business App here.

6. Instagram Shops now offers reviews

We’re familiar with reviews on Facebook Pagesfor business. In the summer of 2021, however there will be an integration of reviews into the Shopping section of Instagram. Instagram Shops will allow members to upload photos, videos, comments and ratings for products.

Instagram Shopping reviews improve the buyer’s journey in that they can browse, buy, and review products without ever leaving the platform. While this may appear to only benefit Facebook, more convenient purchasing means more online sales for you, so everyone wins!

reviews on instagram shopping

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What do you think about these updates? Are you excited? Are you confused? Are you confused? We’d love to hear from you in the comments