Not Just Yet: 5 Ideas to Increase December Sales!

It’s all down to the wire! Continue fighting the effects COVID-19 has had upon you, your company, your customers, and your employees. You have shut down your store, rebuilt it, pivoted 27 times, and found new ways to increase sales and get products to your customers. You deserve a break.

But Not Just Yet.

Five strategic steps you can take now to increase your holiday sales share. Why did we wait so long? We know October and November were busy months. But we also know that December is a time when you need to get your shopping on track. Another. These five simple ideas will help you to entice customers who are unsure of what to do and hurry to buy.

1. Start at the front door

Your sales floor should scream Christmas to shoppers as soon as they enter. The perfect place to do this is with Speed Bumps. These are the displays that stop shoppers to give them an idea of the merchandise they can find in your store. These are some of the speed bump displays you can use:

Items that have been pre-wrapped

Product that is cross-merchandised and can be worn together

The same item at the same price

Gift ideas based on gender and age

Display of related items in a themed display

Keep in mind to re-merchandise important parts of your sales floor including impulse items at cashwrap. If the product is not moving, especially during holidays, shoppers will think “I’ve seen it before” and continue to walk. Move around old goods and items that you have had for a while. Pre-Christmas markdowns should be done while shoppers are still on the floor. The first markdown that you make is always the most important and cheapest.

You can maximize your investment dollars with markdowns. You can get your dollars back and reinvest them into newer products that will produce higher margins or better inventory turns. It’s not the best way to go, as product doesn’t look as good as it did when it was first received. Customers know.

2. 2. Set the tone

Dress up in Christmas garb and decorate the store windows. Even if you don’t like holiday music, it is a great way to set the mood for the season. They remind shoppers about the task at hand, and get them into gift-giving mode.

3. 3.

This is the perfect time to concentrate on gift card sales. Statistics show that 61% of customers spend more on gift cards than they are worth, 75% spend more on gift cards than their value, and 55% of gift card recipients need to make more than one trip to their local store in order to spend their remaining balance. This is good news for you as it means that customers are more likely to spend their card money the more times they visit your store. Also, make selling e-giftcards to last minute shoppers and those who prefer staying at home a priority.

You want to increase your gift card sales? You can also include a bonus card called “What’s In It For Me?” such as “Buy $50 gift cards, and get a $10 gift certificate for free”, or another similar promotion. The bonus cards must be valid through January 1, 2021, otherwise they cannot be used for holiday gifts.

4. You will feel like a celebrity when you sign up for the store

Signing helps shoppers make their purchase decision. 70% of purchases are made in-store. Displays should be adorned with signs that say: Gifts for her, gifts for him, or new arrivals. Prices can also be added if necessary. Add the features to big-ticket items like sewing machines and bicycles.

5. 5. Meet with your team daily

To provide outstanding service, ensure that all associates are present. Take a few minutes to meet with everyone in the morning, and during shift changes. Talk about the latest news, sales changes, what’s going on on social media and what was sent out to customers via direct mail and email. Discuss gift cards and gift options, then do a Q&A. Share what is most important for you that day.

You can work a little harder in December than your competitors. We wish you a happy, safe, and successful holiday season. Remember, we are always available to help!