Comparison of Magento 2 Single Page Checkout vs. Multi-Page Checkout

Many people used to be familiar with multi-page checkout when purchasing online.

Nowadays, eCommerce is all about saving time and money. Customers are looking for simplicity, especially with mobile shopping.

This is why single-page checkout was created. Customers can quickly check out and increase their conversion rate by having all of the checkout processes on one page.

Over the years, eCommerce professionals debate whether multi-page checkout or single page checkout is better for online stores.

This article will help you choose which checkout is best for your store.

Let’s take a look!


A single-page checkout, also known as one-step checkout, or one-page checkout, displays all checkout blocks (shopping basket information, billing address, shipping address, shipping options and payment information) on a single page.

Magneto 2 single-page checkout has one goal: to make the checkout process as quick and easy as possible.


It’s easier to complete the checkout

Magento 2 single-page checkout is easier because there are less clicks and fewer steps. It’s more user-friendly and easier to use.

Customers will also need to click fewer times for one-step checkout to complete their order than multi-step checkout.

Higher conversion rate

The 5th reason eCommerce carts are abandoned is “long and confusing checkout”. It means that you can increase sales by simplifying your checkout process.

Research shows that one-step checkout increases sales by around 22% when compared to traditional multi-step checkouts.

Faster Processing

When they are checking out, people tend to get impatient quickly. Although it can take days to get buyers‘ attention, they can make a decision in a matter of seconds.

Customers will become frustrated if the checkout process is too slow or complicated. Speed is important. It is important to get them through the checkout process quickly.

One-step checkout is half the time than multi-step checkout.

Stronger site performance

Around 79% of all online purchases in 2020 were made using a mobile device. Your website should be mobile-friendly due to the rise in mobile shopping.

It might take up to a minute to load a webpage on a phone. Mobile shoppers may spend five minutes filling out multiple pages of checkout forms. As you might expect, most buyers will abandon the time-consuming checkout process.

A single-page checkout can reduce loading times.

Higher customer satisfaction

Your customers will be more satisfied with your site, which makes them more likely to return.

Customers want convenience, and one-step checkout has proven to be a success.



You can make a checkout page very long if you have too many details.

Magento 2 single-page checkout works best if you only have minimal data. Your customers will lose their way if there is too much scrolling.

Tough for analytics

Analyzing is crucial for many store owners. However, a single checkout page does not allow merchants to track their sales funnel data.

Slow site speed

Magento 2 single-page checkout can reduce the overall checkout load time but it may take longer to load the single checkout page.



Multipage checkout breaks down checkout steps into multiple pages.

Multi-step checkout typically requires customers to fill out checkout data manually.

Multi-step checkouts can take longer, but customers are able to confirm all information.


Make it easier

Store owners can collect valuable customer information by breaking down the checkout process into several steps and pages.

Store owners may still be able to collect customers’ email addresses at the beginning of the checkout process, even if they abandon the cart and do not complete the purchase.

Clean layout

Many people believe that multiple shorter checkout pages are better than one long page because it is easier to fill in.

Store owners can display shipping options and form fields on a short page.

Excellent for analytics

Store owners can track when customers leave by using multi-page checkout.

It allows store owners to identify the reasons behind cart abandonment and make improvements.



Multipage checkout is more time-consuming, and can result in cart abandonment.

Too many steps

Multi-step checkout: Do not exceed three to four steps

A checkout process with too many steps can cause shoppers to abandon their shopping cart.



You now know the pros and cons to Magento 2 multi-page checkout and single page checkout. Which one is best for you?

This question depends on the type of product you sell and the segmentation of your customers.

Steven Soule’s research has shown that customers prefer multi-page checkouts to single-page checkouts when shopping for expensive products online.

If you are selling expensive or luxury products, multi-page checkout may be an option.

If your target audience is older and less tech-savvy, multipage checkout may be a good option.

Magento 2 single-page checkout is a better option if you sell popular and low-priced products, or sell to young, tech-savvy customers.

If you want to target mobile shoppers, the single-page checkout is an excellent choice.


This section is for you if you’ve determined that Magento 2 single-page checkout suits your store better.

Magento 2 offers the one-page checkout option. It’s not perfect.

It’s a 2-step checkout. The default Magento one page checkout comes with many limitations.

We want to help you choose the best Magento 2 single-page checkout solution.

Magento 2 One-Step Checkout by BSS


This extension allows you put all checkout blocks on one page, reducing loading time.

You can also customize the style and order of these checkout blocks to make them more attractive and eye-catching.

To provide a better customer experience, this extension supports autofill.

It will automatically detect the customer’s address and use Google API to provide suggestions for customers so they can complete shipping and billing information quicker. This will encourage them to place their orders.

This module allows store owners to bypass all Magento default checkouts.

It allows you to create new customer accounts at the checkout page.

Customers can edit the product quantity, add a note to the order and select the delivery date.

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It also allows you to add a gift box so that customers can request gift wrapping or send a message.

To allow customers to use discount code boxes, the admin can also enable them.

Magento 2 One-Step Checkout by BSS also supports 4 popular payment options including, Braintree and Credit Card. Your customers will have many payment options available to them to make their purchase.