7 Ways to Get Your Amazon Account Closed – and How To Prevent It

7 Ways to Get Your Amazon Account Closed – and How To Prevent It

In all my 10 years of selling on Amazon and consulting for other sellers, I’ve seen many instances where sellers with good intentions were shut down. Below are the details of the various circumstances that led to the store being closed and the consequences.

Multiple Stores

To own multiple stores, you must be approved. Amazon associate stores are identified by their EIN, credit card number, and bank information. Make sure that you are selling Amazon products from multiple companies.

Pricing errors

An employee changed the rows in a pricing spreadsheet, and we accidentally uploaded incorrect prices for thousands upon thousands of items. Amazon noticed an unusual change in the sell rate and closed my store. This saved me thousands of orders that I would have had to cancel. We received about 180 orders within 5 minutes. However, it took 4 weeks for the store to reopen.

Fake Reviews

Amazon has declared that artificial reviews are unacceptable. Amazon is very quiet about their review policy. According to what we know, Amazon will consider reviews artificial if they find that you have left a review or your family member has reviewed it. They also may consider reviews fake if the review was left by someone who is known for leaving fake reviews. Amazon will immediately shut down your account if you are found to be in violation. They will not accept appeals or provide any explanation. Don’t think of manipulating reviews if your store is going to be closed permanently. Amazon offers many legitimate ways to build momentum.

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Trademark/Counterfeit Claims

Even if your products are 100% genuine, complaints can still happen. Your store may be shut down if you receive too many complaints. You will also need to prove you purchased the original product. Keep your order receipts to prove that you are selling genuine products. Also, you should address any complaints promptly. Reopening a store can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. Don’t ignore any complaints or claims.

List Restricted Products

We used to list a lot of drop ship products years ago in the store that I set up. However, we never added inventory or sent them live. Amazon found gun holsters among the long list of dropship products. They were deemed restricted products and the listing was closed. After a few years, the inactive listings were left in the account. Then Amazon closed the account and no notice was given to stop selling restricted products. Amazon is regularly removing restricted products from categories like Weapons and Beauty. The best way to proceed is to remove a listing each time you receive a notice about the removal of restricted products. If you receive a removal of restricted product notice, make sure to delete the SKU and it will be deleted.

High Cancellation Rates

This is a common reason why businesses are shut down. It also means that there is a high percentage of late shipping. You should consider a Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), program if you are unable to ship on time or don’t have inventory control. With a plan of action and a good appeal, you can appeal this type closure. However, if it happens multiple times, it will be permanent.

Review Ratings for Sellers with Poor Scores

This is the most common way to be shut down. New sellers are most at risk. Amazon might disagree with you. FBA is the best way to maintain a high review rating. FBA orders are fulfilled by Amazon, which means that you have the potential for most of the negative feedback to your product. It is important to monitor feedback regularly in order to find out what it is. Negative feedback about products is common and can be requested to be removed. You should review your feedback regularly and make requests to have negative feedback removed. The best way to avoid what remains is customer service. You must communicate clearly with customers as they are ALWAYS right. While you are busy, don’t be rude with customers. Give them what they want and consider it part of the cost to do business. If I offer free return shipping for shoes I sell on Amazon, it would be difficult to make a profit. However, it is my policy to give it away free to 100% of my customers who contact me about it.

Marketplaces are the future for commerce. Each independent retailer should sell on Amazon. Don’t let inexperience stop you from experiencing the full potential of Amazon.

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